Belden's Teflon® Hook-Up Wire features only the best materials. Teflon is known for its superior thermal properties that allow these cables to withstand higher temperatures than other hook-up wires.

Belden Cable offers four types of Teflon Hook-Up Wire: M16878/5 UL 1180, M16878/4 UL 1213, M16878/4 UL 1371 & M16878/6 UL 1371. Each of the four types has a maximum temperature of 200°C and they each have a silver-coated copper conductor with Teflon insulation. Their differences lie mainly in the voltage ratings: M16878/5 has a 1000V rating, both types of M16878/4 have 600V ratings, and M16878/6 has the lowest voltage rating of 250V.

Belden Teflon Hook-Up Wire is suitable for use in miniature cable applications and internal wiring-soldering applications where insulation melt is a concern. Hook-Up Wires with Teflon insulation are better equipped to resist oil, oxidation, heat, sunlight and flame, while also remaining flexible at low temperatures. Belden's Teflon Hook-Up Wires feature exceptional resistance to ozone, water, alcohol, gasoline, acids, alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons, and solvents.

Each Teflon wire is dual-rated for Mil-Spec and UL AWM Styles to better suit your specific needs. Depending on which standard you require, the cables have different voltage and temperature ratings. Sometimes, these ratings vary between the Mil-Spec and UL standards. Be sure to view the entire specification by clicking on the product links listed above.