Belden manufactures a full line of Industrial Data Cables that meet the needs of industrial automation applications. They are available in varying constructions that suit different types of communication network protocols, including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus, and ODVA DeviceNet. We also supply DataBus Cable and Belden DeviceBus Cables for the Honeywell Smart Distributed System, Square D/Seriplex, and Phoenix Contact Interbus-S. Our inventory also includes EIA Industrial RS-485 PLTC/CM Cable. For specifications, click the product links below. 
These cables allow for signal transmission between controller systems or instruments in applications like those in manufacturing assembly lines on the factory floor. All of these cables meet the needs of industrial applications and to withstand the rigors of hazardous industrial environments. They feature different materials and constructions and meet various industry specifications to provide quality product options for almost any industrial data cable application.