Allied Wire and Cable carries UL Instrumentation Cable as part of its line of Belden Industrial Cable products. 

Our stock of Belden Instrumentation Cable and UL Cable includes 300V Power Limited Tray Cable (PLTC Cable), 600V Tray Cable, and Thermocouple Wire in a variety of constructions to meet the needs of different applications.

Belden 300V Power Limited Tray Cable (PLTC Cable) is suitable for applications requiring sunlight, moisture, and vapor resistance. There are also parts available that have direct burial approval or that feature extra shielding for applications requiring more signal protection and noise rejection.

There are two main types of Belden Thermocouple Wire: Thermocouple Extension Cable with Shielded Pairs and High-Temperature Thermocouple Extension Wire. The Shielded Pair Thermocouple Wire features a solid conductor, PVC insulation, shielding, and an industrial-grade, sunlight, and oil-resistant PVC jacket. It has 300V and +105°C ratings. High-Temperature Thermocouple Extension Cable features either a solid or stranded conductor, FEP insulation, and an industrial-grade, sunlight, and oil-resistant FEP jacket. It also comes shielded or unshielded. This High-Temperature Thermocouple Cable carries 300V and +200°C ratings.

600V Tray Cable is also available in multiple constructions. All meet UL Subject 1277 TC and pass the UL 1685 (UL 1581) Vertical Tray Flame Test. For full specifications, click on the product links above.