Allied Wire and Cable carries a full line of Belden Shielded Multi-Conductor Cable, including computer cable, control cable, data cable, low-capacitance cable, direct burial cable, and even MIL-W-16878 (Type B) cable. Belden Multi-Conductor Cables are available in a wide range of AWG sizes, designs, and materials to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

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Belden Multi-Conductor Cables are applicable in many industries including computer technology, manufacturing, and the military. Belden Shielded Cable is also available with UL, NEC, and CEC specifications. Allied Wire and Cable carries a large selection of Belden Computer Cable, such as Synchronous EIA Interface cables, EIA RS-232 cables, and Belden Computer Cable with overall foil/braid shield. Both the Synchronous EIA Interface cable and the EIA RS-232 cable feature overall Beldfoil shields that provide 100% coverage.

Belden's extensive line of Shielded Multi-Conductor cable includes a selection of Audio, Control, and Instrumentation Cable. Need a quote on Belden Shielded Multi-Conductor Cable? Call us today!