Belden Cable with Individually Shielded Pairs and an Overall Foil Braid Shield is available in two different categories: low capacitance computer cable or special audio, communication, and instrumentation cable. This section of Belden low capacitance computer cables is designed for use with EIA RS-232, EIA RS-422, and digital audio applications. Our vast collection of Belden audio, communication, and instrumentation cable can be used in a wide range of applications and industries.

Belden low cap computer cable passes the VW-1 flame test and is listed as NEC Type CM Cable and CEC Type CM Cable. It also meets UL AWM Style 2493. It has a maximum temperature rating of 60°C. Its voltage rating is unspecified. The low-cap computer cables in this group have complex configurations designed for optimum performance. Take a look at individual product specifications for more information. You can find these product spec sheets by clicking on the links listed above.

Allied’s line of Special Audio, Communication, and Instrumentation Cables with Individually Shielded Pairs and Overall Foil/Braid Shield from Belden includes parts that meet UL AWM Style 2717 and UL AWM Style 2094. Other cables in this category are not UL recognized. This is a very diverse collection of cables, so be sure to take a close look at individual product specifications. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our helpful Allied experts at 800-472-4655.

Just want to learn more about Belden and its products? Visit our Belden Cable FAQ.