Allied Wire and Cable supplies two types of Belden's unshielded paired cables. You can choose from either telephone cables or audio, control, and instrumentation cables. 

Belden Telephone Cable is has a voltage rating of 150V and a maximum temperature of +80°C. It is UL AWM Style 2576 wire and is also an NEC Type CMG cable. Belden Telephone Cable features solid tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, and chrome PVC jacketing.

Our line of Belden Audio, Control, and Instrumentation Cable includes many different unshielded styles. Many versions of Belden Audio, Control, and Instrumentation Cable are available to meet the requirements of various UL specifications and NEC types. We also offer a full line of unshielded, plenum-rated Belden cables.

If you are considering shielded paired cable for your application, browse our Belden Audio, Control, and Instrumentation cables with overall Beldfoil shielding, combination unshielded and braid shielding, overall braid shielding, overall spiral shielding, combination shielding, or individually shielded pairs.