Belden Banana Peel Cable is an innovative type of access control cable. It is available in plenum and riser-rated versions and is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s inventory of security cable. Belden Banana Peel access control cable is a composite cable, but instead of relying on an overall jacket, individual cables are attached to a center spline, making identification, installation, breakouts, and termination easier than ever. 

Because Belden Banana Peel Cable does not have an overall jacket, it has a smaller OD and better bend radius than comparable composite cables. This makes it easier to install. Breakouts are also simple because individual cables can be rerouted with almost no effort. Identification could not be easier with Banana Peel access control cables. Individual conductors are color-coded according to their applications, and cables actually have the name of the application printed on them.

Quick identification isn’t the only thing that saves time and labor during cable termination. With these access control cables, there is no jacket to strip away. There is also no need to worry about short circuits, which are normally a concern during stripping. Use the Banana Peel design instead of individual cables and you’ll save time and effort during the installation and termination processes and cut your labor costs significantly.

Allied Wire and Cable carries Belden access control cables in both plenum and riser-rated constructions. Plenum-rated Banana Peel Cable has NEC CMP and CEC CMP FT6 ratings. It has stranded bare copper conductors, Flamarrest insulation and jacketing, and Beldfoil shielding. Riser-rated Belden Banana Peel access control cable has stranded bare copper conductors, PVC or flame-retardant PVC insulation, and Beldfoil shielding. It meets NEC CMR and CEC CMG specifications. Both plenum and riser-rated versions have 300V and 75°C ratings.