Allied Wire and Cable carries a full line of Belden Security Cable, including many coaxial cable options. Non-plenum and plenum coax cables are available for CATV, MATV, commercial applications, and Schlage systems. CATV stands for “cable television” and MATV is short for “master antenna television.” Limited combustible coax is also available.

Non-plenum security coaxial cable is suitable for CATV and MATV applications in commercial and Schlage systems. It has the NEC CM rating and a temperature rating of 75°C. All of the non-plenum coax products are 18 AWG Type RG6 cables. They feature solid bare copper conductors, foam polyolefin insulation, and black PVC jackets. Shielding varies. Belden Security Coax is available with either duo foil and aluminum braid shielding or quad shielding, which consists of duo foil tape, an aluminum braid with 60 percent coverage, more duo foil tape, and another aluminum braid with 40 percent coverage. Schlage system coax cables have duo bond and aluminum braid shielding.

Belden plenum-rated coax features bare copper conductors, foam FEP insulation, duo foil, aluminum braid shields, and either a natural flamarrest or white fluorocopolymer jacket. These plenum-rated security cables are applicable in commercial CATV or MATV applications. They meet NEC CMP and CEC CMP FT1 specs and have a +75°C temperature rating.

Belden's limited combustible coax cables are also available through Allied Wire and Cable. Limited combustible coax minimizes smoke creation and flame propagation. As a result, the UL classifies this cable as FHC 25/50. It is also NEC-rated CMP for plenum use. Belden limited combustible coax security cable has a high-temperature rating of +200°C and comes in Type RG59/U and RG6/U constructions. Each features a solid bare copper conductor, foam FEP insulation, bare copper braid shielding with 95 percent coverage, and an FEP jacket. Common applications for this cable include CCTV and video security or surveillance.

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