Thermostat wire and control cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable’s wide selection of Belden wire. Like all Belden cables, these cables meet high construction and performance standards. Thermostat cables are available in plenum and riser-rated versions.

CMR-rated thermostat and control cable is suitable for use in riser applications. It features overall shielded twisted pairs, Datalene insulation, overall Beldfoil shield, drain wire, and an overall brown PVC jacket.

CMP-rated control cable is has approval for use in plenum spaces. It has shielded twisted pairs, an overall Beldfoil shield, a Beldfoil drain wire, foam fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulation, and a brown Flamarrest jacket.

Both types of thermostat wire have 300V and 75°C ratings. Each is also available with solid or stranded conductors. They also share the same color-code: black and white, green and red. For more information on either the plenum or riser-rated control cables, visit the product links above.