Specialty and Low-Loss Coaxial Cables are a part of Allied Wire and Cable's vast catalog of coaxial cables. Manufactured by Harbour Industries, these cables are specially designed to meet the needs of the radio frequency and microwave markets. Harbour uses innovative materials and construction techniques to build light-weight cables with better shielding and flexibility than other coaxial cable solutions. 

Low Loss Coaxial Cables with Solid Conductors use a combination of braiding and expanded PTFE dielectrics to provide better shielding than flexible MIL-C-17 cables, as well as lower attenuation at higher frequencies. The cable is thermally stable and is a great choice when size and weight are concerns.

Many of the same benefits are found in Stranded Low Loss Coaxial Cables. They are more flexible than solid constructions, and while they have a slightly higher attenuation, it is still much lower than similar MIL-C-17 cables.

For cable with similar dimensions to MIL-C-17 cables, but with a lower attenuation at high frequencies, consider Strip Braid Coaxial Cable. According to Harbour Industries, its strip braid construction offers better shielding effectiveness and lower transfer impedance than any standard mil-spec cable with a double braid construction. This cable features an FEP jacket, but alternatives with flame retardant PVC and abrasion-resistant overall braids are also available.

Looking for a flexible replacement for semi-rigid coaxial cables? Spiral Strip Coaxial Cables could be the product you need. Benefits of Spiral Strip Coax include the low attenuation and low transfer impedance resulting from its cost-effective composite braid shielding. Its FEP jacket also provides oil and chemical resistance.

Spiral Flex Coaxial Cable is even more flexible than Spiral Strip Coax. It features a polyurethane jacket that resists cut-through, tears, abrasion, and chemicals. The jacket also adheres well to braiding and provides stable electrical performance. Spiral Flex Cables from Harbour Industries have excellent shielding along with significantly lower attenuation than similar MIL-C-17 cables.

Learn more about these cables and others in our Coaxial Cable FAQ or call one of our helpful sales representatives at 800-472-4655 to place an order.