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What is the Prysmian Group?

Prysmian is the world’s largest wire and cable manufacturer. Their product line includes fiber optic cables that serve the telecom, commercial, industrial, utility, and oil and gas markets.

Is Allied Wire and Cable an Authorized Prysmian Cable Distributor?

Yes! An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Prysmian Cable as one of the approved outlets for their products. Allied provides a wide range of fiber optic cables for the telecom industry.

What are some of the industries Prysmian manufactures for?

Prysmian Group manufactures products for a wide variety of industries:

  • Heavy Duty Loose Tube
  • General Applications for Loose Tube
  • General Applications for Tight Buffer
  • Mining
  • Public Transit
  • Pipeline
  • Security
  • Hybrid
  • Marine
  • Fire Resistant

Does Prysmian Group manufacture harsh-environment fiber cables?

Yes! These cables are commonly used in the following environments:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Public Transit
  • Chemical Processing
  • Mines
  • Pipelines
  • Airports
  • Factory Automation
  • River Crossing/Marine
  • Waste Water
  • Fire Resistance
  • Security

Prysmian Group cables are also built, designed, and tested to withstand the following conditions:

  • Abrasion
  • Extreme temperature
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Oil and Gas Resistance
  • Fire and Heat Resistance
  • High Crush Strength
  • High Tensile Strength

What products does Prysmian Group manufacture?

  • XPRLTM Oil & Gas Utility— XPRLTM cable features loose tube optical cable and is used in-tray, utility, wastewater, and petrochemical environments. XPRLTM cable has resistance ratings for low smoke, flame, oil, tray, chemical, crush, gasoline, UV, low temp, and tensile.
  • ezLINK products— The following ezLINK products are all available with 12 to 288 optical fibers (SMF or MMF), an all-dielectric, chemical resistant, double jacket, gel-filled buffer tubes, rated to OFNG-LS/FT4 ST1, and are categorized as a loose tube optical cable. These products include:
    • ezLINK Chemical Resistant for Harsh Environment— This chemical resistant cable is also oil-resistant per UL 2556 PRII and gasoline resistant per UL 2556 GRII.
    • ezLINK Oil & Gas— This cable features high crush resistance, riser LSZH, and loose tube (dry).
    • ezLINK Industrial Riser LSZH Loose Tube (dry)— This cable is rated for Indoor/Outdoor use, tray rated, LSZH, and UV, low temperature, and flame resistant.
    • ezLINK Transit/LSZH Loose Tube (dry)— This LSZH cable is resistant to UV, chemical, low smoke, zero halogen, low temperatures, and flame with gel-free buffer tubes.
  • The following ezLINK product features a different stranding count of 2 to 144 optical fibers (SMF or MMF), is rated to OFNG-FT4, and resistant to crush, tensile, and flame.
    • ezLINK Indoor/Outdoor Mining Cable— This mining cable is rated to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Deep Mine Safety & MSHA.
  • CampusLink LT Loose Tube— These riser rated cables have 12 to 288 optical fibers, are UV, flame, and chemical resistant, and are rated to OFNR-LS/FT4 ST1.
  • ezINTERLOCK— These plenum rated cables are all UV and flame resistant, armored, rated to OFNP-FT6, and available with SMF or MMF optical fibers. However, there are a few differences in terms of the number of fibers:
    • ezINTERLOCK Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube– This plenum rated cable features 12-288 optical fibers, loose tube, and gel-free buffer tubes.
    • ezINTERLOCK Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered– This riser/plenum rated cable features 2-144 fiber count as a riser cable, 2-96 fiber count as a plenum cable, and tight buffer distribution.
  • ezDISTRIBUTION— The ezDISTRIBUTION cables have many similar characteristics including 900um tight buffer fibers with a tighter buffer distribution, indoor/outdoor usage, a riser fiber count of 2-144 available with MMF or SMF optical fibers, and rated to OFNR/FT4 flame test. The two different types of cables are:
    • ezDISTRIBUTION Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered
    • ezDISTRIBUTION Indoor/Outdoor LSZH TB— which features an LZSH jacket.

What if I can't find a Prysmian Group product that I need in the AWC catalog?

As an authorized Prysmian Cable distributor, our experienced sales reps can find the exact Prysmian wire product you need. Call us at 800-828-9473!

To learn more about the Prysmian Group, visit their website.

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