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Who is Rowe Industries?

Rowe Industries is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable that specializes in high-voltage silicone wire and tape. Rowe is also known for making UL 3239 Silicone Wire with voltage ratings of 5kv-50kv.

Is Allied Wire and Cable an Authorized Rowe Industries Distributor?

Yes! An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Rowe Industries as one of the approved outlets for their products. Allied provides a wide range of their products and can offer competitive pricing.

What products does Rowe Industries manufacture?

Rowe Industries manufactures a wide variety of products:

  • Braidless Silicone Rubber Wire— This cable is an alternative to Fiberglass Braided Wire. Types include SRML, SF-2, and SF-1. They feature:
    • Conductor sizes ranging from 24 AWG - 750 MCM
    • Great mechanical properties and physical strength
    • Silicone rubber has excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, ozone, and moisture
    • Ideal for use in high-temperature applications like stoves, lighting fixtures, generators, and motors.
    • Meets MIL-W-16878/30, MIL-W-16878/29, MIL-W-16878/8, and MIL-W-16878/7
    • UL and CSA recognized
  • High-Voltage Coaxial Cable— These cables come in a variety of voltages ranging from 10 - 90 KVDC and silver-coated or tin-coated copper conductors.
    • Created for use in radar, ECN systems, X-Ray, instrumentation, accelerators, and RFI/EMI applications.
    • Radiation/Ozone resistant
    • Featured cable types include:
  • High-Voltage Silicone Lead Wires— These cables are specially designed for high abrasion resistance and show dielectric properties in extreme environments. UL3229 and R790 also have the same functions anywhere the application calls for flexibility, high-abrasion resistance, or high-voltage.
    • Both also feature radiation resistance, flame resistance (per UL VW-1), great ozone resistance, and high flexibility.
    • UL3239 Silicone Wire— Also known as “High-Voltage Braidless Silicone Rubber Wire,” it features tin-plated copper stranding, white Rowe compound R800 silicone insulation, and ranges in temperature from -40° C to 150° C.
      • Wire marked with UL UL3239 Wire
      • Conductor sizes range from 22-10 AWG
    • R790— Also known as “R790 Super Tough,” this high-voltage silicone lead wire features a stranded, silver-plated copper conductor, white Rowe’s silicone compound insulation, and ranges in temperature from -40°C to 200°C.
      • R790 Meets MIL-W-16878 requirements
      • Conductor sizes range from 22-12 AWG
  • High-Voltage Silicone Coated F.E.P. Wire— This wire features a small diameter (required in various package designs) while offering great dielectric strength. It can be easily secured to many RTV’s which erases the need for chemical etching of fluoropolymer insulated wire.
    • The construction features fluoropolymer insulation, a silver-plated copper conductor, and an extruded silicone jacket.
      • Silicone coated fluoropolymer wire, with a special flame-resistant braided jacket, jointly offers temperatures up to 200°C continuous, abrasion resistance, and added strength.
    • Highly flexible, able to be autoclaved, and has the option of a Nomex braid.
    • Application uses include systems where minimal size and maximum operation is a must, such as airborne systems. Other applications include laser/radar systems, CRT displays, and ECM’s.
  • Military Hook-Up Wire:
    • Features white extruded silicone insulation and a tinned copper or silver-plated copper conductor.
    • Rated to 600 or 1000 volts.
    • Offers high flexibility, radiation resistance, flame resistance, and exceptional ozone resistance.
    • Application uses include the internal wiring of electronic equipment and meter panels
    • Meets MIL-W-16878 Wire requirements (chemical, fungus, abrasion, ozone, flame, and moisture resistance).
  • Fiberglass Jacketed Lead Wire:
    • Used in high-temperature applications like dryers, ovens, lighting fixtures, generators, motors, stoves, transformers, internal wiring of equipment/appliances, and electronic and therapeutic devices.
    • Meets MIL-W-16878/31 and MIL-W-16878/32.
    • Meets UL and CSA standards
  • “SRML” Apparatus and Motor Lead Wire:
    • Ranges in size from 18 AWG - 1 AWG and rated to 600 volts.
    • Features a tin-plated copper stranded conductor, extruded silicone insulation, and a fray-resistant fiberglass braid.
    • Highly flexible, flame retardant, and radiation-resistant.
    • Designed for use in electrical circuits, transformers, motors, or any other high-temperature circuit operation that requires a flexible conductor.

Does Rowe Industries manufacture any other types of products?

Yes, they also manufacture:

  • Extruded Silicone Rubber Tubing:
    • Polyurethane Extruded Tubing— This tubing is flexible and resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and kinking. Frequent uses include laboratories, lubrication lines, chemical transfers, automation, and sensor lines.
    • Kynar Extruded Tubing— This tubing features Kynar PVDF (fluoropolymer compound) created for strength, extreme purity, low-smoke generation, and resistance to bases, acids, solvents, and corrosion. Application uses include high purity water systems, aquariums, food and beverage, laboratories, ozone disinfection systems, and more.
  • Versimold Silicone Rubber Material
    • This custom rubber molds into any form while being resistant to UV rays, salt water, oils, fuels, and acids. This rubber stays durable at room temperature and only molds when the heat is applied. Great for use in marine, electrical, plumbing, and automotive applications, as well as bonds to other rubber items. This material is the USA made.
  • Versiwrap Silicone Rubber Tape/Emergency Repair Tape
    • This self-fusing tape, originally made for the US Military, features silicone rubber to create a mess-free high-pressure, air, and water-tight seal. Versiwrap tap is made in the USA.

What if I need a Rowe product, not in AWC's catalog?

As an authorized Rowe Industries distributor, our experienced sales reps can find the exact Rowe wire, tubing, or tape product you need. Call us at 800-828-9473!

To learn more about Rowe Industries, visit their website.

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