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Who is RSCC Wire & Cable?

RSCC Wire & Cable, a division of The Marmon Group, is a manufacturer of high-performance power, instrumentation, control, specialty electronic, and electrical cables.

Is Allied Wire and Cable an Authorized RSCC Wire & Cable Distributor?

Yes! An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by RSCC Wire & Cable as one of the approved outlets for their products. Allied provides a wide range of their products and can offer competitive pricing.

What type of Proprietary Cable Products does RSCC manufacture?

Their proprietary cables include EXANE®, Circuit SAFE, and VITALink. EXANE® cables are designed to provide dependable performance in intense environments commonly seen in transit cars, offshore oil rigs, oil and gas drilling, land rigs, commercial industrial applications, transit infrastructures, and locomotives. Their second line of high-performance cables is VITALink and CircuitSAFE™, industry-tested to provide Circuit Integrity and Fire Safety. Examples of Exane and VITALink cables are listed below:

  • Exane Cables for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries
    • EXANE DATA— Ruggedized Marine Shipboard (Cat 5, Cat 6, RG-59, RG-6, Profibus, Fieldbus, ASI Cables)
    • Exane MR— Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE PowerFlex— Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE TorqueFlex— Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE VFD— Variable Frequency Drive Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE ZH— Type LSX Commercial Shipboard Cable (Low Smoke, Zero Halogen)
    • EXANE ZH-CI— Type LSX Commercial Shipboard Cable (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen, Circuit Integrity)
    • Exane 125— Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
  • Exane Cables for the Transit & Transportation Industries
    • CircuitSAFE - Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen
    • Exane 1068A Transit Wire
    • Exane 1168A Reduced Diameter Transit Wire
    • Exane 1069A Locomotive Wire
    • Exane 1093A Locomotive Wire
    • Exane 1105A Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Transit Wire
    • Exane Data Cable (includes Cat 5, Cat 6, MVB/CAN-BUS Cable, RS 485, Cat 5e)
    • Exane PC - LSZH Premises Cable
    • Firewall LSZH XHHW-2 Wire
    • VITALink MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Power Cable
  • VITALink Cables for Fire Safety
    • TC/NCC - Jacketed Power and Instrumentation
    • MC/NCC - Metal Clad Power and Instrumentation
    • 1 Hour Fire-rated Cable with LSZH over jacket
    • VITAlink 2000
  • Rock-Tuff Cables for the Industrial/Commercial Industries
    • Rock-Tuff LSZH ZHHW-2 Power & Lighting Cable
    • Rock-Tuff LSZH RHW-2 Power Cable
    • Rock-Flex Flexible Control Cable
    • Rock-Tuff VFD Cable
    • MC 2 Hour Fire Rated CT VitaLink Cables

What are the RSCC Nuclear Cables?

These cables assure the safe operation of nuclear facilities from the reactor’s signal and critical monitoring to powering the actual plant.

  • Firewall III— Thermocouple, control, power, and instrumentation cables.
  • Firewall SR— Includes Silicone Rubber rated up to 125C, which is ideal for nuclear plants and any other high-temperature applications like motor leads, heater bays, isolated hot spots, and pressurized heaters.
  • FIREZONE ® CRC— These cables can withstand 2000F of flame for up to 1 hour, crucial for “catastrophic” fire conditions.
  • Firezone R— These cables are designed for Class 1E - 10 CFR 50 Appendix R Nuclear applications.

What are PermaTEC™ Downhold Cables?

PermaTEC™ cables provide a platform for customers to use the right technology to source natural energy resources from the world, no matter how deep or harsh the environment may be.

  • Standard-TEC™— RSCC states this is the Petroleum industry’s “go-to” cable. It is available with high-temperature or low-temperature ratings depending on your specific application.
  • Pressure-TEC™— ;This cable gets its name from the internal pressure test it must go through to ensure there is an extra layer of protection from any weld defects.
  • Digi-TEC™— This fiber cable was designed to show both analog and digital readings of well-conditions like temperature and pressure, as well as any other custom specifications.
  • Flat-TEC™— This cable can contain up to six different function parts, which eliminates the need for multiple cables.
  • PermaFlow — These control line cable products are designed for moving fluids and hydraulics in down-hole cable or smart-well environments.

What if I need an RSCC product not in AWC's catalog?

As an authorized RSCC Wire & Cable distributor, our experienced sales reps can find the exact RSCC product you need. Call us at 800-828-9473!

To learn more about RSCC Wire & Cable, visit their website.

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