Dearborn Marine Wi​re and Cable is available from Allied Wire & Cable in a variety of configurations for use in multiple applications. Common uses for Dearborn Wire and Cable include communications and instrumentation applications or the wiring of engines, batteries and bilge pumps. Dearborn Wire manufactures their marine wire to meet the strictest requirements. Dearborn Marine Wire is designed with tinned copper conductors that are corrosion-resistant for extra flexiblity and longer service. These products are insulated and jacketed with PVC rated for up to 105°C.

For more information and industry approvals, find full Dearborn Wire specs below.

Dearborn Wire and Cable offers an extensive line of multi-conductor Marine Wire with color-coded conductors for easy circuit identification. Many of Dearborn's products are UL VW-1 flame tested and UL Oil Res. 1 listed. Dearborn Marine Wire is built to last and features a rugged, seaworthy construction. Suitable for the most challenging environments, Dearborn Marine Wire is oil, chemical, solvent and sea water resistant. 

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