General Cable Shielded Multi-Conductor Communication and Control Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of Carol Brand Communication Cable. These cables are available with a large variety of shielding options, including a spiral or a foil shield. These shield designs provide excellent shielding for circuit noise reduction. Many of these communication cables feature low capacitance, good flexibility and a lightweight construction.

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General Cable Carol Brand communication cable is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, such as control circuits, broadcast and studio applications, process control and instrumentation, and remote control for studio equipment and sound systems. These products are available with a variety of insulation and jacket materials. From PVC/PVC and Rubber/Rubber to Foamed PP/PVC and FEP/FEP, General Cable has the design to meet your specific needs.

General Cable Carol Brand communication and control cables are of the highest quality and follow the latest UL, CSA, and NEC standards. Find cables meeting NEC Type CL2 and CM standards including such popular parts as Carol c2535a, Carol c2536a and Carol c2537a. Many of these cables meet CSA Type CMH specifications, such as General c2513a, General c2523a, General c2526a, General c2528a and General c2537a. Parts are also available meeting CSA CMG, CSA AWM, UL 2464 and other specifications.

Carol Brand Power-Limited Tray Cable is NEC Type PLTC rated and includes such parts as Carol c0451a, Carol c0454a and Carol c0455a. Some of these products also pass the Vertical Tray Flame Test and CSA FT-6 Steiner Tunnel Fire Test for Plenum Applications.

If you can't find the General Cable Carol Brand communication cable you're looking for, an Allied Wire expert sales representative will be happy to help you.