Carol Brand Hook Up Wire features only high-quality materials. Most lead wire and hook up wire applications for board-to-board or point-to-point wiring depend on PVC hook up wire. Carol Brand hook up wire features a wide variety of PVC-insulated designs to meet all of your electrical and electronic demands.

Carol Brand hook-up wire is ideal for a broad range of applications, including internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment, panels, and meters. For your more challenging applications, Heavy Wall UL MTW Wire / UL AWM Wire features outstanding oil, flame, and moisture resistance and an extra flexible construction. MIL-W-76B Type MW (Medium Wall) Hook Up Wire has a recommended voltage rating of 1000V.

Carol Brand designs hook-up wires that meet a wide range of UL and CSA specifications. Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of Carol Brand hook-up wire includes UL 1007, UL 1569 Hook-Up Wire, UL 1015 Hook-Up Wire and UL 1015, UL 1335, UL 1336, UL MTW Wire / CSA TEW Wire. Many of these cables also follow the RoHS Compliant Directive 2002/95/EC.

Carol hook-up wire features PVC insulation and fully annealed bare copper or tinned copper conductors, solid or stranded. In addition, Carol hook-up wire is also available with Rubber, Polyethylene (PE) or PVC insulation.

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