Carol Brand Type SJT and Type SJTOW cord are available from Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized distributor of General Cable products. Both the SJT cord and SJTOW cord are resistant to acids, alkalies, and ozone. Type SJTOW cable and Type SJT cable are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including portable tools, motors, portable lights, lamps and sound equipment.

General Cable Carol Brand Type SJT cord and Type SJTOW cord are available with UL and CSA specifications. SJTOW cord is UL/CSA Flexible Cord rated and SJT cord is UL Listed and CSA Certified. Both of these cables are also RoHS Compliant.

General Cable's SJTOW cable and SJT cable have a voltage rating of 300 volts. These products feature premium-grade, color-coded PVC insulation and a PVC jacket. SJTOW cord features an oil and water-resistant jacket. It is also sunlight (UV) and weather-resistant.

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