General Cable Type SJ and Type SJOOW Rubber Cord are available through Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized distributor of General Cable/Carol Brand products. Type SJ cord and Type SJOOW cord are suitable for a variety of applications, including machine and power tools, portable machinery, portable tools and equipment, submersible pumps, and motor leads.

These cables have voltage ratings of 300V and temperature ratings of +90°C or +105°C. If you're looking for Type SJOOW cable and Type SJ cable that meets certain standards, many of these cables are UL/CSA Flexible Rated, MSHA Approved, OSHA Acceptable, and RoHS Compliant.

Type SJ cord and Type SJOOW cord are available in a variety of conductor constructions and AWG sizes. Type SJ cable and Type SJOOW cable feature premium-grade, color-coded EPDM insulation. These cables are available with many popular jacket options like Carolprene, Super Vu-Tron, and Rubber.

Super Vu-Tron SJOOW cord is available with a safety-colored, high-visibility yellow jacket and corrosion/oxidation-resistant tinned copper conductors. These products are ozone, sunlight, and weather-resistant. Not only is SJOOW cable highly flexible, but it is also resistant to oils, acids, and chemicals. For your more challenging applications, the Carol Brand SJOOW cord is also abrasion and cut resistant. General Cable Type SJ cord is suitable for use in applications where acid, grease, oil, or solvents are not a concern.

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