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Alpha Xtra-Guard 1 Multi-Conductor, Unshielded Cable

Multi-Conductor, Unshielded Xtra-Guard 1 Cable is just one of many configurations offered in Allied Wire's extensive catalog of Alpha Wire. Alpha manufactures these products with materials of the highest quality. If you are looking for wire that adheres to particular standards, UL 2464 , 2343, and 2501 listed. Xtra-Guard 1 Cables can be used in many applications, such as EIA RS-232 interfaces and high technology applications in controlled environments. 

Alpha Wire and Cable's Multi-Conductor, Unshielded Xtra-Guard 1 is rated for up to 300 and 600 Volts and +105°C. It features tinned copper conductors and Premium PVC insulation. All of Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 products are UL VW-1 Flame Tested and UV Resistant. The standard jacket color is grey, but Xtra-Guard cables are available in a range of long-lasting colors for easy identification. 

An Allied Wire and Cable employee waits to answer your questions and help you select the appropriate wire for your application.