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Belden Portable Cord: 2 Conductor

Allied offers Belden Portable Cord in a wide variety of 2-conductor constructions. These cables meet various industry standards, from SJ Cable to SPT-1, SJTOW, and SVT cable.

Although some types of portable cord may seem similar, they meet a variety of voltage, temperature, and construction requirements. They are built with a range of materials designed to perform in different cable environments. Be sure to take a close look at specification sheets and product information to find the best cable for your application.

SPT-1 Cable, SPT-2 Cord, and SP-1 Cable are parallel lamp cords. HPN is designed for heater cord applications. These cables are all rated at 300 volts. However, HPN may be used in applications up to 90°C while lamp cord may only be used in temperatures not exceeding 60°C.

Our Belden SJTOW Cord is approved for use in outdoor applications. The SJTOW cable is water and oil-resistant. It features a Belflex premium PVC jacket that provides flexibility and durability beyond what is available with standard PVC.

Type STOW, SV, and SVT cable are also included in Allied’s inventory of Belden portable cord. Types SV and SVT are rated to 300V and 60°C. STOW cable is 600V, 105°C cable, and it passes the VW-1 flame test.

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