Belden Portable Cord from Allied Wire and Cable is a reliable and high-quality cable solution for a wide range of applications. We offer a full line of Belden cable products as well as non-brand-name alternatives to meet the needs of any application, industry, and environment.

Belden Portable Cord comes in a wide range of materials. You can choose from PVC, rubber, oil-resistant rubber, and Belflex premium PVC for the jacket alone. Belflex, exclusive to Belden cable, is a PVC compound that provides more flexibility and durability than standard PVC jacketing.

Many of our Belden cable products also meet UL standards, meaning that all elements of the cord meet criteria set by Underwriters Laboratories for adequate performance and construction. Similarly, many of these portable cords meet CSA standards, which are required by most Canadian authorities.

Portable cordage from Belden is available in 2 Conductor Portable Cord, 3 Conductor Portable Cord, and 4 or 5 Conductor Portable Cord constructions. From Lamp and Heater Cord to other common UL listed types such as SJT Cord, SO Cable, SVT Cable, and STOW Cable, Allied Wire and Cabe is sure to have the Belden cable you’re looking for. Can't find the Belden cable or Portable Cord you need? Call one of our sales representatives today at 800-472-4655. We're waiting to help!

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