S Cable, SO Cable, and SJ Cable consist of three stranded bare copper conductors, smooth black rubber jacketing, and either a paper tape or cotton serve separator. S and SO cables have 600V ratings. The “J” in SJ Cable indicates that it is a “junior service” cord and only has a voltage rating of 300V.

Our SJO and SJT cables are also junior service cords with 300V ratings. However, they have different maximum temperature ratings. Our SJO cable has a 90°C rating while the SJT cord is only suitable for use in temperatures up to 60°C. Our SJT Low Leakage Power Cord is an exception and has a maximum temperature of 75°C.

STOW cable and SJTOW cord feature stranded bare copper conductors, paper tape separators, and matte black Belflex premium PVC jackets. They follow the international color code: Light Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow. Both have a maximum temperature of +105°C. SJTOW is the junior service, 300V version of STOW, which is a 600V service cord.

Type SV cable and SVT cord both have 300V and +60°C ratings. Most of these cords are unshielded, but select SVT cord products are available in shielded versions, with either an overall Beldfoil or an overall Duofoil shield with 88% Braid coverage. Take a look at individual product specs for more information.

Questions about Portable Cord? Visit our Portable Cord FAQ. Curious about Belden Cable? Read our Belden FAQ.