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Belden Portable Cord: 4, 5, and Multi-Conductor Cord

Belden portable cord is available from Allied in four, five, and multi-conductor constructions. Browse our selection of Belden portable cable by clicking one of the product links below.

Four-conductor portable cable options include UL AWM Style 4097 Cordage and SO Cord. Style 4097 is rated at 300V and 60°C. It is built with tinned copper conductors, a smooth rubber jacket, and a paper tape separator. The four-conductor SO Cord may be used up to 600V and 90°C. SO Cord features bare copper conductors and an oil-resistant rubber jacket with paper tape separator.

Five-conductor portable cord is available in the form of UL AWM Style 5246. It carries ratings of 300V and 60°C. It is constructed of stranded tinned copper, rubber, and paper tape.

Our selection of Belden portable cord also includes multi-conductor SO cable. These cables have five to twenty bare copper conductors, along with oil-resistant rubber jacketing, and paper tape separator. The conductors are cabled with fillers. Multi-conductor SO Cord may be used to 600V and 60°C.

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