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Belden 602PTZ Composite Cable (Plenum, 18 AWG Cat5e pair)

Part Number Composite ConstructionNom. O.D. of Cable (in)Approx LBS/MFT
602PTZ (1) 20 AWG Coax, (1) 18 AWG Pair, (2) 18 AWG Conductors 0.363 79
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cable, Banana Peel Composite Cable
CCTV Plus Audio or Power or Pan and Tilt CCTV Control Applications
Belden Cable

PTZ Composite Cable Description:

  • 1 Coax: 20 AWG solid bare copper conductors with foam Perfluoroalkoxy (FPFA) insulation, braid shielding with 95% coverage, and a black Flamarrest jacket.
  • 1 Pair: 18 AWG stranded bare copper conductors with FEP insulation, Beldfoil shielding, and a blue Flamarrest jacket. It is Cat5e tested. Color code is white/blue stripe and blue.
  • 2 Conductors: 18 AWG stranded bare copper with Flamarrest insulation and a white flame-retardant Flamarrest jacket. Color code is black and red.

PTZ Composite Cable Construction:

  • Conductors: Bare Copper
  • Application Shielding:
    • Video: Bare Copper Braid
    • Control: Aluminum/Polyester
    • Power: Unshielded
  • Component Jackets: Flamarrest
  • Overall Jacket: None

PTZ Composite Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • NEC Rating: CMP
  • CEC Rating: CMP FT6
  • NEC Article: 800
  • Voltage Rating: 300V
  • Temperature Rating: 75°C

PTZ Composite Cable Applications:

  • CCTV Plus Control and Power
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) CCTV Control