Belden Banana Peel Cable is available in many composite cable constructions for PTZ, CCTV, and other security cable applications. These cables are available in the plenum and riser-rated versions and three different sizes. Innovative Banana Peel Cables are easy-to-handle, cost-effective composite cable options. Instead of an overall jacket, these cables consist of individual cables connected to a center spline. This configuration allows for quick identification, easy breakouts, and minimal cable size, among other benefits. 

The main differences between the products listed above are ratings (plenum or riser) and size. Belden 500PTZ cables, 501PTZ cables, and 502PTZ cables are all riser-rated. Belden 600PTZ, 601PTZ, and 602PTZ cables are all plenum-rated composite cables. Each of these six security cable options features one 20 AWG coax, one Cat5e pair, and one set of two 18 AWG insulated and jacketed conductors. The size of the Cat5e pair varies depending on the third digit of the part number. For example, 500PTZ and 600PTZ composite cables have a 23 AWG pair; 501PTZ and 601PTZ cables have a 22 AWG pair, and 502PTZ and 602PTZ Belden Banana Peel Cables have an 18 AWG Cat5e pair.

The Belden Banana Peel Cables in this product line are ideal for CCTV cable applications, plus audio, power, or pan/tilt/zoom CCTV control. For more information on these security cables, click on the composite cable product links above.