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General Cable Carol Brand Plastic Cord

General Cable Carol Brand Plastic Cord is designed to perform well in extreme environments where high temperatures and resistance to oil, chemical and abrasion is necessary. These cables are carried in a wide variety of UL and CSA listings, including UL 62 Flexible Cord, CSA Flexible Cord- C22.2-49, UL Type CL2, and CSA Type LVT. Many of these products also meet OSHA, MSHA and other industry standards.

Learn more about Carol Brand plastic cord by clicking the links below for full product specifications.

General Cable's line of plastic cord includes SJT and SJTOW Cord, Thermostat Wire, STOW Cord, SVT Cord and more. Carol Brand's Bus Drop Cable is ideal for use as branches from busways per NEC or for the connection of stationary equipment to facilitate relocation of equipment.  Carol Ultra Flex SJEOOW Cord and Carol Ultra Flex SEOOW Cord feature a lightweight, flexible construction and offer excellent molding characteristics. 

Carol Brand plastic cord can be used for a broad range of applications. From portable power tools to floor maintenance equipment to signal systems, we have the cable perfectly suited for your application.

General Cable's plastic cord is insulated with premium-grade, color-coded PVC and features a PVC jacket. Carol Ultra Flex is designed with TPE insulation and an Ultra Flex TPE jacket. These products are rated for up to 30, 150, 300 or as high as 600 volts. 

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