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General Cable Carol Brand Multi-Paired Shielded Computer Cable

General Cable Carol Brand Multi-Paired Shielded Computer Cable is offered from Allied Wire & Cable in a variety of AWG sizes, conductor counts and insulation/jacket designs, ensuring you find the cable best suited to your application. Carol Brand's computer cables are available with Polypropylene (PP),  Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinylchloride (PVC) or Semi-Rigid Polyvinylchloride (S-R PVC) insulation. Many of the low capacitance cables also feature premium-grade, color-coded Lo-Cap® Foam Polypropylene (FPP) insulation. All of these cables are designed with a gray PVC jacket.

To learn more about General Cable's multi-paired computer cable, simply click on the links below.

General Cable computer cable is the ideal choice for your electronic equipment and computers. It is most often used in control circuits, industrial equipment, CAD/CAM systems, data transmission and in many applications for total isolation of signal. Carol Brand's low capacitance cables are suitable for use in any of your low capacitance applications. Many of these products are also approved for use in EIA RS-232, RS-485, RS-423 or RS-422 applications. 

Carol Brand computer cable is carried with a wide range of popular shield options, including foil shield, foil/braid shield, individually foil shielded pairs or individually foil/braid shielded pairs. The type of shield you choose depends on your exact needs. In terms of the foil/braid shield, the foil shield offers superior shielding when noise rejection is crucial and the braid shield offers extra flexibility. If you decide on a computer cable with individually shielded pairs instead, these pairs provide excellent signal isolation. 

General Cable designs computer cable meeting a wide range of UL, CSA and NEC listings. Cables are available following NEC Type CM, NEC Type CMH, NEC Type CMR and NEC Type CL2 standards. If you're looking for UL listed computer cable, these products are UL 2464, UL 2919, UL 2960, UL 2448 or UL 2493 approved. CSA CMH and CSA CMG rated cables are also featured. 

Looking for multi-conductor shielded computer cable instead? Allied Wire carries a large selection of General Cable Multi-Conductor Shielded Computer Cable.

Still have questions about General Cable Carol Brand multi-paired computer cable? Call one of Allied Wire's expert sales reps today!