Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of General Cable features a large selection of Carol Brand Computer Cable. These cables are available in both multi-conductor and multi-paired constructions. You can choose from a wide variety of insulation materials, including Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), and Semi-Rigid Polyvinylchloride (S-R PVC). Carol Brand's computer cables have a PVC jacket and are available popular shielding options like a foil shield, foil/braid shield, individually foil shielded pairs, or individually foil/braid shielded pairs.

General Cable's Carol Brand computer cable is ideal for use in computers and electronic equipment. It is also suitable for use in control circuits, industrial equipment, data transmission, CAD/CAM, telemetering, data displays, computer print-out, and credit verification systems. Carol Brand also manufactures low capacitance cables to serve all of your low capacitance application needs.

General Cable computer cable is available with multiple UL, CSA and NEC ratings. Find Carol Brand computer cable with UL 2464, UL 2919, NEC Type CM, NEC Type CMH or NEC Type CL2 approval.

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