General Cable Carol Brand Multi-Conductor Shielded Computer Cable is available from Allied Wire and Cable. These cables are available in a wide range of conductor counts, AWG sizes, and popular shielding options. General Cable's computer cable features either a foil shield or foil/braid shield. It has fully annealed stranded Tinned Copper conductors and either Semi-Rigid Polyvinylchloride (S-R PVC) or Lo-Cap® Foam Polypropylene (FPP) insulation.

General Cable's Carol Brand computer cable is ideal for use as the internal or external interconnection of electronic equipment and computers. These products are suitable for use in a variety of other applications as well, including data transmission, control circuits, and industrial equipment control. General Cable Lo-Cap® Computer Cable is ideal for any of your low-capacitance applications. These cables also have approval for use in EIA RS-232 applications.

General Cable's line of computer cable meets many UL, CSA, and NEC requirements. Find Carol Brand computer cable that meets NEC Type CM or NEC Type CMR requirements, such as General c0762a, General c0763a, and General c0765a. These cables are also available with NEC Type CL2 or NEC Type CMH approval. If you're looking for General Cable that is UL Listed or CSA Certified, many of these products are available in UL 2919, CSA CMG, and CSA CMH styles.

Many of Carol Brand's computer cables also meet UL 2464 specifications, including popular parts like Carol c0742a, Carol c0743a, Carol c0760a, and Carol c0761a. All of these cables are RoHS Compliant and pass the UL 70,000 BTU Vertical Tray Flame Test.

Searching for Carol Brand multi-paired computer cable? No problem! Browse Allied Wire's large selection of General Cable Multi-Paired Shielded Computer Cable.