Belden Speaker Wire connects speakers to receivers or power amplifiers. They are also suitable for use as internal wiring for speakers. Allied Wire and Cable carries speaker cable in a number of constructions to meet all of your speaker wire needs.

Many of the Belden cables featured in the Speaker Wire and Cable catalog feature high-conductivity copper conductors. They are ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) cables, meaning they have a 99.95% pure copper conductor. Because the level of copper is so high, its conductivity increases enough to make it “high-conductivity” per ASTM B115. These high-conductivity copper audio cables perform similarly to oxygen-free copper cables.

Allied Wire and Cable's selection of Belden Speaker Wire also includes Low-Cap Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity (OFHC) Speaker Cables. They have a twisted, jacketed construction and are suitable for use in direct burial applications. White and black jacketed parts are sunlight resistant. With the exception of some 16 AWG cables, these speaker wires are for audio use only.

Belden's High Flex Bi-Amp and Tri-Amp Speaker Connections are also available from Allied Wire and Cable. They are available in 10 AWG and 14 AWG versions, as well as in plenum and non-plenum rated constructions. These cables are ideal for more advanced speaker wiring to boost the sound quality of a speaker system.

Be sure to choose speaker wire gauge sizes carefully. You must account for the resistance between low impedance speakers and amplifiers because more resistance means less power reaching the speaker. This ultimately leads to poorer sound quality. We recommend larger cables as a means of balancing performance with cable cost before attempting to minimize power loss by other means.