DS-3 and DS-4 Interconnect Cables and Cross-Connect Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable's large selection of Belden Coax Cable. These coaxial cables are available in different constructions and materials to meet the needs of different ratings and applications.

DS3/4 wires are telephone coax cables suitable for use as interconnection of transmission equipment. Interconnect cables connect devices within a central office while cross-connect cables manually connect circuits within a DSX (digital cross connect). The DS-3 and DS-4 designations refer to transmission rates. DS-3 cable has a transmission rate of 44.736 Mb/s and DS-4 cable has a transmission rate of 274.176 Mb/s.

DS3/4 cables are available in plenum and non-plenum versions. Cables from the 735A Series are 26AWG. Products in the 734A, 734D, and 728A series are 20 AWG cables. To see full product specifications, click one of the links below.