Belden's 50-ohm Low-Loss Coax Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive inventory of coaxial cable. Belden's 50 ohm RF Cables are available in RG174, RG58, RG8X, and intermediate types, among others. These wireless radio frequency 50-ohm coax cables have a maximum temperature rating of +80°C.

Belden designs these Coax Cables to amplify signal strength and ensure data signals travel as efficiently as possible. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including wireless antenna communications. These cables offer low attenuation and a 50-ohm impedance.

The materials, constructions, bend radius, and ratings of these low-loss coaxial cables vary widely to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and environments. The center conductor in these cables is either solid bare copper or solid bare copper-covered aluminum.  Dielectric materials include gas-injected or foam HDPE and solid PE. Jackets are available in PVC, PE, and Flooded Water-Resistant Polyethylene. All of these cables come shielded with a Beldfoil shield, a tinned copper braid shield, a Duobond II, or a double combination shield.

Many of these Belden 50-ohm cables are suitable for outdoor and direct burial applications. Several flooded, water-resistant options are also available. Low-loss coax with solid polyethylene insulation is suitable for aerial applications when supported by a messenger wire. Cables with a flooded, water-resistant PE jacket have direct burial approval. View individual product specs for exact approvals.

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