Our inventory of M17 cables includes plenum and non-plenum versions of 50 Ohm Cables, 75 Ohm Cables, 93 Ohm Cables, 95 Ohm Cables, and 125 Ohm Cables. These cables are built to meet the MIL-C-17 specification, but they also meet a wide range of RG cable specifications. Belden's M17 cables are available to meet RG142, RG178B, RG316, and more. Belden’s MIL-C-17 line of cable also includes 77 and 78 Ohm Twinax Cable. Twinaxial cables are similar to coaxial cables, but they have two center conductors instead of one.

Allied Wire and Cable is proud to supply a complete line of Belden M17 Coaxial Cables to a variety of industries. Belden's MIL-C-17G QPL cables meet strict military guidelines for high-quality construction, performance, and durability. They transmit high-frequency signals while minimizing signal loss. These cables are suitable for use in a wide range of military and commercial signaling applications.