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Belden M17 93 Ohm QPL Coax Cable (M17/30, M17/90/RG62, RG71) Specifications

MIL-C-17G 93 Ohm Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • M17/30, RG62: 60°C
  • M17/90, RG71: 85°C
  • UL AWM Style 1354: 30V, 60°C (M17/30 part only)
  • NEC Type CMX Cable, CEC Type CMX Cable (M17/30 part only)
  • 93 Ohm Coax

MIL-C-17G 93 Ohm Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: 22 AWG Solid Bare Copper-Covered Steel
  • Insulation: Semi-Solid Polyethylene
  • Jacket: Black Non-Contaminating PVC or Polyethylene
  • Shield: Bare Copper Braid Shield (95% Coverage) or Bare Copper Outer Braid with Tinned Copper Inner Braid Shield (95% Coverage)