Belden Twinax Cables are available from Allied Wire and Cable. This cable is ideal for computer and instrumentation cable applications. Twinax cables are similar to coaxial cables, but they have two center conductors instead of one. Short-range, high-speed signaling applications, including those in the computer industry, often use this type of twinax cable.

Belden's Twinaxial cable is available in 78 Ohm Cable, 95 Ohm Cable, 100 Ohm Cable, 124 Ohm Cable, and 150 Ohm Cable versions. Belden 78 Ohm Cable is available in plenum and non-plenum versions and in a variety of constructions. They meet many different industry specifications, from UL AWM Style 2092 and UL AWM Style 2464 to PA Dept. of Environmental Resources and US Mine Safety and Health Administration specs. Belden's 95 Ohm Twinax Cable meets RG22BU and passes the VW-1 flame test. It has a temperature rating of 80°C. It is a clear cable with copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, an inner jacket, a non-contaminating PVC outer jacket, and a double tinned copper braid shield.

Our selection of 100 Ohm Twinaxial Cable and 150 Ohm Twinax includes plenum and non-plenum constructions featuring a variety of materials and meeting varying specifications. Select 124 Ohm Cables to meet UL AWM Style 2092 and UL AWM Style 2448. See full specifications by clicking on the product links above.