Belden manufactures three different Hook-Up Wire types using Hypalon® chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) insulation. Hypalon is a popular insulation choice due to its resistance to heat, color stability, and electrical properties. Of the three types of Hypalon Hook-Up Wire that Belden Wire manufactures, two of them are UL-rated: UL 3191 / UL 3192 / UL 3193 and UL 3190. Both have a maximum temperature of 105°C. Belden's third Hypalon Hook-Up Wire offering is a high-voltage hook-up wire with a 5000V voltage rating.
Hypalon Wires are suitable for Class 130(b) insulation systems, which have a maximum hotspot temperature of 130°C. While Hypalon is a suitable alternative to Silicone rubber at 155°C varnish baking temperatures, it is not suitable for use at operating temperatures above the Class 130(b) rating.