Belden PVC Hook-Up Wire is available from Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized distributor of Belden products. Belden manufactures these cables with high-quality materials in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.

If you need UL Style PVC Hook-Up Wire, Belden manufactures several types in the 9900 series of part numbers: UL 1569, UL 1007, UL 1015, UL 1028, UL 1283 & UL 1061. Many of the UL Style PVC Hook-Up Wires also carry CSA ratings. UL Style 1061 also adheres to CSA AWM standards, while UL Style 1007 follows CSA Type TR-64 and UL 1569 follows CSA Type TRSR-64. UL 1015, UL 1028, and UL 1283 are all CSA Type TEW compliant. Belden also carries Mil-Spec PVC Hook-Up Wire that follows two different Mil-Spec standards: Mil-W-76C and Mil-W-16878/1.

Mil-W-76C Type MW has US Military approval for use as the internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment. Type MW wire is general-purpose wiring and is ideal for a variety of applications that require its specifications. Belden manufactures M76 wire in gauges 24 AWG through 12 AWG with either a solid or stranded tinned copper conductor.

M16878/1 Type B is an unshielded hook-up wire meant for use as general electrical and electronic component wiring. Mil-W-16878/1 is not suitable for use as a shipboard cable. Belden manufactures M16878/1 in gauges 28 AWG through 16 AWC with a stranded tinned copper conductor.

Beldens high voltage hook-up wire is available in u AWG. Belden 9867 follows UL 3239 standards and passes the VW-1 Flame Test.  Belden high-voltage hook-up wires feature conductive polyethylene (Korona-Guard) over the inner conductor to offer an even distribution of voltage stresses. The voltage ratings for these lead wires vary from part to part, with working voltage ratings ranging from 17,000 DC to 40,000 DC and breakdown voltage ratings ranging from 35,000 DC to 80,000 DC. See individual parts for full specifications and ratings.