ControlNet Cables and ControlBus Cables by Belden meet the needs of ControlNet communication systems. This is a factory-floor system that exchanges high-speed, time-critical information between control devices within its network. These devices can include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), PC-based controllers, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs). In the ControlNet system, these devices operate at a predetermined time and for a particular duration of time when the network has the ability to handle the communication.

The ControlNet system requires a cable that can transmit uncorrupted high-speed signals. That is where ControlBus Cable comes in. These low-loss cables are RG6U and RG11U cables with quad shielding that keeps signal integrity strong. All ControlBus Cables are quad-shielded, but the rest of the cables’ components vary to meet the needs of different applications. Armored options are available for particularly hazardous industrial environments.