Allied Wire and Cable is an authorized distributor of Belden's Industrial Ethernet cables. These cables provide the best performance and reliability for your Ethernet cable wiring, even in challenging industrial environments. Belden Ethernet Cables are available in bare copper DataTuff Twisted Pair Cable constructions meeting Cat 5e and Cat 6 cable specifications. Fiber optic cables are also available as part of Belden’s TrayOptic product line.

The Datatuff twisted pair cables feature Belden’s special “bonded-pair technology.” This technology bonds individually insulated conductors to create uniform conductor spacing. A standard cable is usually bent, twisted, and otherwise stressed during installation which may cause uneven gaps between the conductors. This can hurt the electrical performance of the twisted pair cable. However, Belden’s bonded pairs eliminate these concerns and ensure that your Ethernet cable’s electrical performance will not suffer.

TrayOptic fiber optic cables are tough and durable. They are ideal for industrial indoor, outdoor, and direct burial applications. They feature laser-optimized fiber to meet the requirements of expanded bandwidth and Gigabit Ethernet.

Whether you need an industrial fiber optic cable or a twisted pair data cable for your next Ethernet cable application, you can count on Allied Wire and Cable for all of your Belden Cable products. These tough industrial cables are available in constructions that resist even the most hazardous environments and electromagnetic interference. With Belden Ethernet Cable, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality, durable cable solution.