When installed according to the techniques listed in a C-track cable guide, Belden C-TC+ control cables are ideal for C-track and other extreme flex applications up to 9 million flex cycles. In order to provide such an outstanding flex life, Belden's C-TC+ flex cable features super fine stranding and exceptionally tight lay lengths. Infinity C-TC+ cables are ideal for wind turbines, robots, multi-axis machining, automated assembly systems and material handling systems. These cables are also suitable for use in automated storage systems and gantry systems.

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Belden C-TC+ Control Cable Specifications

Belden C-TC+ Flex Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • UL AWM Style 2587 (600V, 90°C)
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C to 90°C (-5°C to 90°C Flexing)

Belden C-TC+ Flex Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper
  • Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Outer Jacket: Orange Oil and Abrasion-Resistant PVC
  • Inner Jacket: Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) specified below
  • Shield: Tinned Copper Braid or Unshielded
  • Color Code: Red with Numbers and Green/Yellow Ground