Belden Infinity Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s supply of Belden Cable. Infinity Cable provides extreme flexibility and a long flex life in automation applications, including those in pick and place equipment, robotics, multi-axis machine tools, conveyor systems, inspection and measuring equipment, gantry systems, festooning, and automatic handling systems. The Belden Infinity line includes data cables, power cables, video cables, robotic cables, and control cables, all of which provide reliable performance despite the high speeds and almost constant movement found in these applications.

Allied carries all four types of Infinity Automation Cable: C-TC+ Control Cable, FCC Cable, Flex Data Cable, and Flex Vision Cable. For full specifications, click the product links listed below.

Infinity Cables have many benefits, including a long flex life, reliable performance, and minimal cable memory. All Belden Infinity products feature CE markings in compliance with the CE low voltage directive. They also meet OSHA regulations with their non-halogen slipper compound which reduces friction. Unlike other cables, these do not use any talc, which can be potentially harmful to employees and damaging to mechanical compounds and solder joints.

C-TC+ Infinity Cables have an impressive flex life of over 9 million cycles. It provides the best performance in automated assembly systems, C-track, multi-axis machining, material handling systems, pick and place equipment, automated storage retrieval, gantry systems, inspection and measuring equipment, festooning, servo, and power applications requiring a long flex life and excellent flexibility. To provide such a long flex life, these cables have fine stranding and extremely tight lay lengths. C-TC+ Cables are UL and CSA rated 600V Cables. They are also moisture and oil resistant.

Belden's FCC Cables have flex lives of 1 million cycles. These are cost-effective options for moderate flexing applications. Like the C-TC Cables, they are UL and CSA rated to 600V and they feature moisture and oil resistant jackets.

Belden Infinity Cable's series of Flex Data Cable is ideal for industrial flexing applications requiring high-quality data transmission. It features an expected flex life of 1 million cycles and a voltage rating of 300V. This data cable is UL and CSA approved. Consider Belden Infinity Data Cable for automated production processes and computer-operated equipment. An additional benefit of this data cable is its oil resistance, allowing for use in harsh industrial environments.

The line of Flex Vision Cables is an excellent cable choice for automation cable applications such as machine vision, motion-controlled video, and inspection and measuring equipment. They are also suitable for use in other automated flexing applications. With UL and CSA approvals in addition to a life expectancy of over 1 million flex cycles, you can count on Belden Infinity Vision Cable to last in your video cable application.

Belden Infinity Cables are available from Allied Wire and Cable in varying constructions to meet all of your automation cable needs. Call one of our Allied sales representatives today!