Belden manufactures a diverse line of UL Control Cable which includes UL-rated Tray Cable (Type TC Cable), UL-rated Metal Clad Cable (Type MC Cable), and dual-rated Type MC, Teck 90 Cable. Allied Wire and Cable is a proud supplier of all three of these Belden UL Cables.

All three UL Cables have 600V ratings and are suitable for use in challenging industrial applications. They are ideal for resource and process industries like the pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, and mining industries. Type TC and Type MC Cables are also suitable for use in both wet and dry locations.

Belden TC Cables are sunlight, moisture, and vapor resistant. These tray cables are suitable for use in raceways with the support of a messenger wire. They also have approval for outdoor and direct burial applications. This flexible tray cable is available in shielded and unshielded versions and in a variety of materials. Visit our product links for full specifications for Belden TC Cable and the other cables featured on this page.

Metal Clad Cable, also called MC Cable, is ideal for use in hazardous industrial applications requiring extra mechanical protection. Metal Clad Cable is extremely durable without sacrificing flexibility and easy handling. It also offers corrosion and sunlight resistance.

Allied also supplies Belden's Dual-Rated MC Cable, Teck 90 Cable. These cables are dual-rated UL and CSA cables. MC / Teck 90 Cables provide corrosion, moisture, heat, impact, and crush resistance. In addition to flexibility, they also display good tensile strength, good low-temperature characteristics, low dielectric loss, and high dielectric strength. Because MC Cable / Teck 90 Cable is so mechanically strong, conduits and ducts are not required, saving you money.

At Allied Wire and Cable, we have all of the TC Cable, MC Cable, and Teck 90 Cable you need. Don't see the Belden Cable you want? Call one of our sales representatives today.