Belden designs their Individually Shielded Paired Cables to meet the needs of many applications. Browse our stock of individually shielded low capacitance computer cable, ideal for EIA RS-422 applications, or take a look at our selection of individually shielded audio, control, and instrumentation cables. No matter what your application, Allied Wire and Cable will help you find the Belden cable you need.

Allied Wire and Cable’s supply of Belden low capacitance computer cable meets UL AWM Style 2493. It has 300V and 60°C ratings and features tinned copper conductors, Datalene insulation, chrome PVC jacketing, and Beldfoil shielding. Its Datalene insulation provides a low dielectric constant and the ability to transmit data at high speeds and with little distortion. Datalene also provides crush resistance. Individual Beldfoil shielding provides 100% coverage and extra protection against cross-talk.

Belden's individually shielded audio, control and instrumentation cables are available in a wide range of materials. Some versions even feature a low-smoke zero-halogen jacket. Select parts meet UL AWM Style 2929 (30V, 80°C) or UL AWM Style 2464 (300V, 80°C). However, others are not UL recognized and carry ratings of 300V and 60°C. NEC and CEC designations vary. To learn more about these specifications, and to learn more about Belden audio, control, and instrumentation cables, click on the links above.

Want to learn more about Belden cable? Check out our Belden FAQ.