Allied Wire and Cable distributes many Belden cables, including Paired cables with overall Beldfoil shields, as part of our extensive line of electrical wire and cable.

As a Belden cable distributor, we are proud to offer Beldfoil shielded Belden cables in a variety of constructions and materials that meet the needs of a wide range of applications. From high-temperature cable to audio, control, and instrumentation cable with overall Beldfoil shielding, Allied Wire and Cable supplies it all. Our full line of Belden cable also includes Beldfoil shielded computer cable and low capacitance computer cable.

Belden cables meet a variety of UL, NEC, and CEC standards. Our high-temperature cable with Beldfoil shielding also passes the VW-1 flame test. For more information on testing and applicable specifications, click on the product links above.

Still, have questions? Call an Allied representative at 800-472-4655 or visit our Belden Cable FAQ.