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Who is Comtran Cable?

Comtran Cable is a leading manufacturer of premise telephone, low voltage, specialty wire, and high-performance data communications wire and cable.

Is Allied Wire and Cable an Authorized Comtran Cable Distributor?

Yes! An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Comtran Cable as one of the approved outlets for their products. Allied provides a wide range of their products and can offer competitive pricing.

What products do Comtran manufacture?

  • Specialty Data Communications— These cables include a wide range of specialty data and communication cables that are used for both harsh environments and rugged applications.

    • Harsh Environment Wire:
      • Indoor/Outdoor - Industrial Continuously Welded/Corrugated Datacom and Telecommunications, Category 6 Indoor/Outdoor LSZH Cable
      • Outside Plant (OSP) - COM-Link ® Category 5e OSP& and COM-Link ® Category 6 OSP Outside Plant
      • Low Smoke Zero Halogen— Category 5e LSZH and Category 6 LSZH Cable
      • Industrial Ethernet-Energy— Cat 5e F/UTP, X-Link ® Industrial Ethernet— Cat 5e UTP, Cat 6 UTP and Cat 6 F/UTP
    • Rugged Cables:
      • Shipboard— DEFENSE-LINK™ Military/Shipboard Wire
      • Transit— Hub-LINK™ LSZH Telecommunication and Hub-LINK &trade Transit Communications NYCT Approved
      • Shielded Cables— COM-Link Category 5e Shielded - Riser
  • Railway and Public Transit Infrastructure— These Hub-LINK networks, data, and voice cables were designed to resist the rough conditions of above and below ground environments. They offer resistance to fluids, sunlight, extreme temperature, rodent damage, salt air, and moisture. These cables also comply with specifications for smoke density, toxicity, and flame propagation in the event of a fire.
    • Hub-LINK LSZH Telecommunication Cable - Rail
    • Hub-LINK Transit Communications NYCT Approved
  • Industrial Ethernet Cable— These cables are meant to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. They are built to handle radiation, extreme temperatures, and lubricants, which can wreak havoc on regular data and communication cable. In order to combat those conditions, these cables are engineered to resist the harshest environments starting at the shielding and jackets that are used for the product.
    • X-Link Industrial Ethernet— Cat 5e UTP, Cat 5e F/UTP, Cat 6 UTP, and Cat 6 F/UTP
    • Category 5e Industrial Ethernet Cable
    • Industrial Continuously Welded/Corrugated Datacom and Telecommunications
  • Marine Military/Government Shipboard Communication Cable— These cables are approved under MIL-DTL-24643 for NATO vessels and the US Navy. These DEFENSE-LINK cables are designed for constant exposure to seawater, extreme temperature, combat, and other conditions that would warrant being at sea for up to 60 months at a time.
    • DEFENSE-LINK Shipboard cable for military use
      • M24643/59-01UO LSC5FS-4
      • M24643/59-03UO LSC50S-4
      • M24643/77-03UO LSC6AFOS-4
  • Sound and Security— In the event of a fire, these sound and security cables allow firefighters to take control of the fire and get occupants out of the building safely.
  • Fire Resistive (Circuit Integrity Cable)— These cables include the brand VITALink 2 Hour Fire Resistive cables, which will operate for up to 2 hours during a fire due to their hardening at higher temperatures to protect the signal. This is vital when firefighters have to safely evacuate and secure the burning structure.

What if I need a Comtran product not listed in AWC's catalog?

As an authorized Comtran Cable distributor, our experienced sales reps can find the exact Comtran wire product you need. Call us at 800-828-9473!

To learn more about Comtran Cable, visit their website.

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