General Cable Carol Brand Industrial Cord is available through Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized distributor of General Cable products. These industrial power cables can withstand exposure to oil, acids, alkalies, heat, flame, moisture, and chemicals. Allied Wire and Cabledistributes industrial cord that is water, sunlight, impact and abrasion resistant.

Allied Wire and Cable is proud to offer a wide variety of General Cable industrial cords. Our catalog features Welding Cable, Type W Portable Power Cable, Type G Power Cable, Type G-GC Power Cable, and Diesel Locomotive (DLO) Cable. Our selection also includes Carol® Double Jacket Drill Cord and Super Vu-Tron® Stage Lighting Cable.

While General Cable Carol Brand industrial cord was once used only in coal mines and industrial plants, its uses today are much more varied. Today, industrial power cable is useful as a temporary power source at job sites and as flexible power leads installed in conduit. From portable power systems and diesel-electric locomotives to motor and battery leads, Allied Wire and Cable carries the industrial cord that will meet your application's specific needs.

General Cable's industrial cord features EPDM insulation and fully annealed stranded, bare copper conductors. Diesel Locomotive Cable features fully annealed flexible stranded tinned copper conductors and flame-retardant, lead-free EPR/XL insulation. General Cable offers these products with a variety of jacketing options such as CPE, Neoprene, and Super Vu-Tron®. Many of these cables also meet UL, CSA, OSHA, ICEA and MSHA industry standards.

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