LMR 400-UF UltraFlex Cable

The LMR 400-UF cable is an extremely flexible, low-loss cable designed for outdoor use. It features a bare copper inner conductor and an aluminum tape outer conductor, which enables the tightest bend radius of any cable of similar size and performance. It also has a foam PE dielectric, a tinned copper braid, and a black TPE jacket. This cable has a maximum temperature of 85°C and is rated at 2500V. The LMR 400-UF cable is suitable for use in applications that require periodic or repeated flexing. This cable is compatible with LMR-400 standard connectors. View LMR-400-UF Connectors here.

LMR 400 UF connectors from Times Microwave are suitable for use with LMR 400 UF Coaxial Cable. LMR 400 UF UltraFlex communications coax connectors are available in crimp or clamp attachments and straight plug, reverse polarity and straight jack connector options. Most LMR 400 UF Times Microwave connectors use standard hex crimp sizes.

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  • $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Application: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 68.00
    • Cond. Material: Bare Copper
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LMR 400-UF Coax Cable Specifications

LMR 400-UF Construction:

  • Inner Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper
  • Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene (FPE)
  • Outer Conductor: Aluminum Tape
  • Outer Braid: Tinned Copper
  • Jacket: Black Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

LMR 400-UF Ratings:

  • Temperature:
    • Installation: -40°C to 85°C
    • Storage: -70°C to 85°C
    • Operating: -40°C to 85°C
  • Voltage Rating: 2500 volts
  • RF Shielding: 50 dB greater than typical single shielded coax (40 dB) - multi-ply bonded foil outer conductor rated conservatively at 90 dB

LMR 400-UF Applications:

  • LMR 400-UF cable can be used as a drop-in replacement for RG8/9913 air-dielectric type cable.
  • Jumper assemblies in wireless communications systems
  • LMR 400-UF is designed for use in short antenna feeder runs.
  • Rubber outer jacket makes LMR 400-UF good for applications that require periodic/repeated flexing.

See chart below and individual LMR 400-UF UltraFlex cable specification for full details.

LMR 400-UF Loss Attenuation by Frequency

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (db per 100 feet)
30 0.8
50 1.1
150 1.8
220 2.2
450 3.3
900 4.7
1500 6.2
1800 6.8
2000 7.2
2500 8.1
5800 13.0

Power Handling by Frequency

Frequency (MHz) Power (watts)
30 2.77
50 2.14
150 1.22
220 1.00
450 0.69
900 0.48
1500 0.36
1800 0.33
2000 0.31
2500 0.28
5800 0.17


LMR 400 UF UltraFlex Connector Construction:

  • Description: Straight Plug, Straight Jack, Right Angle (see part specs for additional details)
  • Inner Contact Attach: Solder
  • Outer contact attach: Clamp or Crimp (see specs below for additional LMR 400 UF connector details)
  • See chart below for individual LMR-400-UF Communications Coax Connectors part specifications.