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Belden CSA Control Cable

Belden CSA Control Cable is multi-conductor cable distributed by Allied Wire and Cable. CSA-approved control cables are available in the following types: TC Cable, CIC Cable, and ACIC Cable. We also carry Belden’s CSA-approved 1000 volt VFD Cable.

TC Cable / CIC Cable is available in 600V and 1000V varieties. These Belden cables feature stranded bare copper conductors, XLPE insulation, and PVC jacketing. They are approved for direct burial and may be used in hazardous locations, according to CEC Part 1.

Belden 600V multi-conductor ACIC Cable is built with a stranded bare copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PVC inner and outer jackets, a bare copper ground wire, and interlocked aluminum armor. This ACIC cable offers impact and crush resistance in addition to resistance against moisture, heat, and corrosion. It is low dielectric loss cable with high dielectric strength and high tensile strength. With all of these physical and electrical benefits, ACIC cable is a good choice to consider for applications requiring the additional strength and protection of armored cable.

Teck 90 Cable is available in 600V and 1000V constructions. Teck 90 Cable may be used in direct burial applications and as exposed or concealed wiring. It may also be used on walls or beams, in ventilated, non-ventilated, or ladder-type cable trays, and in wet or dry environments.

Because Belden Teck 90 and ACIC Cables are strong and impact and crush resistance, they do not require conduit or ducts. The bottom line? Without conduit or ducts, you save on the material cost!

Allied also carries Belden VFD Cable. The variable frequency drive cable is CSA rated and passes the CSA FT4 flame test. Belden’s 14 to 2 AWG VFD Cables feature oversized XLPE insulation and dual shielding to provide superior performance. It offers the lowest capacitance offered in VFD cables, in addition to protection against low and high frequency noise. Larger options, from 1 to 4/0, feature spiral copper tapes for protection against EMI/RFI interference while maintaining flexibility. The large Belden VFD cables also feature a balanced ground system to help prevent motor bearing or motor insulation failure. Consider large VFD Cable for powerful motor drive applications.

For full product specifications, click on the ACIC Cable, TC Cable, CIC Cable, and VFD Cable links listed above. If you have any questions or would like to order Belden Cable, call an Allied representative at 800-472-4655.