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Belden Multi-Conductor High-Temperature Control and Instrumentation Cable

Belden high-temperature cable is part of Allied's vast supply of high-temp wire and cable. Belden manufactures its high-temperature cable to meet high performance standards and uses high quality materials to ensure durability even in challenging high temperature environments.

Our inventory of Belden high-temperature cable includes unshielded high-temp cable and Beldfoil shielded high-temp cable options, as well as Belden MIL-W-16878/4 Type E cable with overall braid shielding. Maximum temperatures for these Belden cables range, with some carrying operating temperatures of up to 200°C. However, all are designed for excellent high temperature performance.

Belden high-temperature cables are used in a wide range of industries, including use in commercial power plants, chemical plants, and nuclear plants, in addition to military applications. To account for the many uses of high-temperature cable and to meet the needs of different applications, we supply Belden cables in a variety of constructions and materials.

Belden offers their unshielded and Beldfoil shielded high-temp cables with Tefzel® brand insulation and jacketing. Beldfoil versions are also available with FEP insulation and a silicone rubber jacket. While the Tefzel cables are only approved for up to 300V, the silicone cables carry a much higher working voltage rating at 2000V DC, while also meeting UL AWM Style 4516 specifications. MIL-W-16878/4 Type E high-temperature cable is designed with extruded Teflon® TFE insulation and a white Teflon® TFE tape-wrapped jacket, and passes the VW-1 Flame Test.