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Belden Portable Cord: 3 Conductor

Allied's full line of Belden Portable Cord includes 3 Conductor configurations of S Cable, SO Cord, SVT Wire, SJTOW Wire, and more. We carry 3 conductor portable cords in shielded and unshielded versions, and in 300 volt and 600 volt versions, among other products with variations in construction and performance.

S Cable, SO Cable, and SJ Cable consist of three stranded bare copper conductors and smooth black rubber jacketing with either a paper tape or cotton serve separator. S and SO cable are rated to 600 volts while the “J” in SJ Cable indicates that it is a “junior service” cord and may only be used for applications up to 300 volts.

Our SJO and SJT cables are also junior service cords rated to 300 volts. However, they have different maximum temperature ratings. Our SJO cable is rated 90°C while SJT cord may only be used up to 60°C. Our SJT Low Leakage Power Cord is an exception and may be used to 75°C.

STOW cable and SJTOW cord feature stranded bare copper conductors, paper tape separators, and matte black Belflex premium PVC jackets. They follow the international color code: Light Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow. Both can be used to 105°C. SJTOW is the junior service, 300V version of STOW, which is a 600V service cord.

Type SV cable and SVT cord are rated to 300V and 60°C. Most of these cords are unshielded, but select SVT cord products are available in shielded versions, with either an overall Beldfoil or an overall Duofoil shield with 88% Braid coverage. Take a look at individual product specs for more information.

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